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Has help with your with your parenting plan needs. You may be trying to get your first parenting, or you may be wanting to file for a modification of an existing one. There are so many things to consider depending on whether you are unmarried parents, divorcing parents, or even a grandparent or other relative seeking custody of a child that allows one or both parents visitations.

It can be very stressful on your life and job when involved in a parenting plan case. With our help, it will be much less stressful, we can properly and completely prepare your documents and case as well as navigate the stressful and sometimes vague court procedures.

We can also save you a lot of money and refer you to an attorney once your documents and case are properly prepared. when you hire an attorney, they have their paralegal do much of the document and case preparation if they have a paralegal, often billing half to full attorney rate. With your case prepared by us with document drafts in hand, it will make fore easy work for an attorney to take your case over.

Parenting Plans vs. Residential Schedules

Parenting plans and residential schedules are very similar and really only have one difference, decision making. Parenting plans are intended to be used in divorces. Residential schedules are for everything else, such as nonparent and unmarried parent cases. If you want decision making to be decided too, using a parenting plan is an important consideration. Generally, a residential schedule is only used when one of the parties involved do not contest its use. Parenting plans are the more frequently used of the two docuements.

Parenting Plans Address Many Issues

Parenting plans address custody, who will be the custodial parent. Parenting plans also address residential or parenting time; it is not referred to as visitation anymore because visitation infers that the parents have unequal rights. Residential time refers to the time allocation under a residential schedule, whereas parenting time is referring to the allocated between the parents in a parenting plan. Decision making and how the children are transferred between the parents at the end and beginning of the parenting time are addressed. Regardless, there are many more provisions to a parenting plan, including possible custom made provisions.

Parenting Plan Modification

Reasons for modifying a parenting plan are endless, but generally fall into three categories. Small modifications, medium modifications, and major modification that involve changing where the children live primarily. Each category has sub categories depending on what accomplishment is being sought. Modifications can be as simple as changing where the children are exchanged or an all out custody change with child support being addressed too. Decision making is sometimes the only aspect of the parenting plan being changed. For example, if only one parent has the decision making rights to medical, it could result in escalation of unnecessary medical costs. With education, the same thing can occur. This example is to demonstrate how at times the parenting plan and child support order can directly affect the other.

With the use of our experience in drafting parenting plans, we can help draft the best parenting plan based on the outcome you desire. Less stress in completing your documents, preparing for hearings, and potential problems enforcing the parenting plan down the road.

Parenting plans when being modified have to pass the threshold of what is called adequate cause. If it does not pass it, the case is dismissed. Consequently, how the documents are prepared are very important.

Give us a call today to discuss your case, send you a questionnaire, and get working on start the work on your case.

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