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A Custody Paralegal can help you prepare documents for many different types of child custody needs. Experienced custody paralegals can help you navigate the complicated procedures of preparing the documents and getting them to the correct places. There are many different elements to getting a good parenting plan that we can help your navigate. We can help you come up with a really good plan that accommodates future changes to the child's needs as they grow older. Take advantage of our paralegal experience in child custody litigation with over 15 years of experience.

When seeking custody, the approach to preparing documents differs depending on whether you are obtaining your first one or modifying and existing one. The issue of nonparental custody involves an additional set of statutes that are you unique to this type of case. Regardless of your type of case, our family law paralegal experience involving custody law and document preparation will be of a huge use to you. Call us today to discuss the unique situations involving your case. The fees for preparing your case and documents varies greatly as each case is unique, some are agreed, and some are not agreed.

Unmarried Parents

Unmarried parents without a parenting plan have four options to designate custody and allocate parenting time. The first option, a motion for a parenting plan, second, a petition for a parenting plan, and third, through the establishment of parentage, and the fourth option is by modifying the existing parenting plan. It depends upon your situation as to which route you proceed.  It can become quite complicated to navigate custody documents and procedures. This is a fairly complicated area of family law. You may have seen parenting plans and residential schedules and wondered what is the difference and which should you use. More...

Married Divorcing Parents

Married parents getting divorced or legally separated obtain custody as part of the divorce process that would include child support documents, and the other issues associated with finalizing a divorce. During divorce, custody has its own special elements that are you unique to the ending of a marriage. Planning out the schedule and decision making as well as other parts of the parenting plan should be thorough and forward thinking. Obtaining your first parenting plan requires forward thinking much like parentage issues with unmarried parents. Other issues are intertwined with the parenting plan when getting divorced, such as the child support order and what happens to the family home. The parenting plan depending on how it is designed and impact child support greatly. Choose us to improve your chances of avoiding later conflict between the parents, or at least having built in solutions to help solve them. More...

Divorced Parents

Divorced parents can change custody by doing a major modification of the parenting plan. A Custody Paralegal can help you prepare all the documents for changing custody. Changing a parenting plan is much mre difficult because adequate cause and the best interest of the children must be shown. Failing in a modification is normally due to poor case preparation and lack of experience. Modifications with divorced parents is very similar to those of unmarried parents. These type of modifications to change the parenting plan sometimes start because of a parent's poor parenting, not performing their parenting functions per the parenting plan, by agreement, or some small changes need to be made. We can help you prepare documents to address a difficult parent that seems to find or make conflict at every turn. When changing a parenting plan, it needs to be both in the best interest of the children and show a change of circumstances from when it was entered into the court. More...

Third Party Nonparent

Custody can be pursued by non parents, such grandparents, aunts and uncles, or other non parent figures by petitioning for non parent custody. Nonparents in Washington State can now petition for visitation if custody itself is not being sought. The forms may seem simple just as the cutting out of an appendix, I mean, how hard could it be you may be thinking. Trust the experienced, no need to go it alone. Third party or nonparental custody is one of the most complicated areas of family law. There are much stress involved with obtaining custody, let an experienced paralegal help you reduce the stress and strengthen your case. There can be a lot of different reasons a non parent finds the need to seek custody of children that are not their own. This type of case has become much more common the past decade. Sometimes the paternal parents are in agreement, sometimes they are not. There are many more things that must be completed to finish a case such as this and can be difficult navigating the court procedures, with another trip to a court hearing every time something is missed or done incorrectly. More...

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