Washington Divorce Paralegal Family Law Custody

Snohomish County Family Law Paralegal

Washington Divorce Paralegal Experience

We specialize in divorce document preparation, including other related  child support, parenting plan, and custody documents. We can meet your needs for any aspect of your divorce case including discovery, motions for temporary orders, and case or trial preparation.

It is our goal to help you prepare your documents properly, make sure you have all the documents required, and meet all the requirements expected by the court.

Child Support Paralegal Experience

We have experience obtaining temporary support, first child support orders, or modifying/changing and existing order. We have dealt with many divorces with children, parentage issue of child support for unmarried parents, and third party custody child support cases.

we can help you get financial and other necessary records from the other party with discovery or motions for temporary order of child support.

We have experience preparing cases for arbitration with a prehearing statement of proof or a trial by affidavit.

Family Law Paralegal Experience

We are very experienced in other family law case types. If you need assistance with contempt of court cases or third party custody, we can help prepare your documents and forms. As of 2018, there is now a way for non parents to get visitation rights to children.

Paralegal family law services for Snohomish and King County WA for Edmonds Shoreline Bothell Marysville Everett and the rest of Washington State.