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Divorce Paralegal Services for preparing documents for Snohomish County and Washington State Courts. When deciding how to approach the preparation of you legal forms, there are different paths of preparation to consider. There are issues that also that affect the paralegal fees. Fees depend on time expended of course. A divorce that is agreed will be less expensive than one that is not. There are less documents when no children are involved, which reduces costs too.

Obvious Divorce Paths

Agreed. When the parties work together to start and finish with the same plan. When the parties are agreed on everything, you can file and later have finalized an agreed divorce. This is the least expensive option to go, and the fastest. However, this does not mean that it is a good idea to wait endlessly until you and the other party come to some agreement. A divorce is agreed only when on all the issues (child support, custody, parenting plan, spousal support, distribution of assets and debts). With an experienced divorce paralegal, you can eliminate guess work and a lot of stress in preparing your documents and filing them correctly. More...

Not Agreed. Not agreed is obvious, when the other side seems to disagree for the sake of not agreeing. Eventually, the parties come to some kind of an agreement or a judge will decide it for you. Non agreed divorces usually find motions and hearings being set leading up to trial. Not agreed is not the most expensive type of divorce, it is the most expensive way to go for you. Unfortunately, it is many times unavoidable. You may need financial support, have the other party ordered to leave the residence, restraining orders, of custody of children while you wait for trial. Our expertise on having the right supporting detail with your motion for temporary family law order increases your ability of success.

We can also help you with discovery and case preparation for trial or mediation. Having problems getting documents or other information out of the other party can be obtained with discovery methods. Attorney referrals are available too. More...

Default. If documents have been served on the other party and they did not respond, it is possible to get default order entered while waiting for the 90 days to pass since the day they were served. We also provide process serving, the having the other party served with your legal documents. Use our experience to get a default divorce and final documents entered with the court.

Trial Preparation.  Our paralegal expertise can assist you with preparing for trial, organizing and obtaining needed information and documents. If you have mediation coming up, we can help organize and prepare you for that too.

Other Divorce Needs

Documents in Response. If you have been served a petition for divorce and a summons, you have a limited amount of time to properly respond to those documents. There is even a shorter amount of time to respond to motions. There are procedures we can help you navigate to make sure that everything is done properly leading up to your hearing when motions are heard. Motions and supporting documents will have a much better chance of succeeding when an experience paralegal has prepared them. The response to a petition must be prepared correctly to avoid unnecessary legal costs for both parties. Motions might be served on you, or you may need to file motions and have them served on the other party. Calls us soon, before you have waited so long you are out of options. More...

Documents Prepared that Help Pave the Path to Agreed. This approach could be used to file or respond when an all out not agreed is uncertain. You may feel that putting your best foot forward will facilitate the best results based on what you know about your spouse. If anything, you can narrow down the issues to what is still in conflict. At other times, your documents can be prepared to nudge the other side towards agreement by scheduling a hearing and having issues decided on a temporary basis. This action of scheduling a hearing will give both parties a better idea where things may end up at trial. If anything, it definitly curbs the unreasonableness of the other party and puts them in a more reasonable reality. More...

Process Serving. One stop shopping with our service for having the other side served court documents. Documents served almost anywhere in Clark, Pierce, King, and Snohomish County.

Regardless of your needs or if you are uncertain of options, give us a call and we can get you pointed in the right direction. Click on one of the headings above for more information on the topics listed above. The menu at the top has some additional divorce topics as well.

If you and the other party are not married, our experienced paralegals can assist you in parentage issues. You may need to establish parentage or paternity in order to get child support or a parenting plan.

Even if you are a non parent, we can help you prepare the necessary documents for visitation or custody of children. Grandparents and other relatives sometimes need to obtain custody or visitation of the children. Regardless of what the reason for wanting to seek visitation or custody, give us a call for more information.

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