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We have listed a variety of starting points with different case types involving child support. Our services can help with many aspects of your case. Your route to establishing a child support order could begin from a variety of starting places. Where to start and how to get an order depends on whether the parties are married, divorced, unmarried, or it is a nonparent seeking child support from one or both parents.

We can help to prepare your case to be strong for hearings, mediation, arbitration, or trial. Documents and case preparation for DCS hearings, divorce, nonparent, parentage, and unmarried parents. Help with preparing and filing for contempt and discovery motions too.

Child Support and DCS

DCS can have an order set administratively or refer the case to the prosecuting attorney and get an order in superior court. There are differing rules on how and what they can do in obtaining an order depending on which route they take. Our services are valuable regardless of whether it s superior court or administrative direction DCS is going in pursuit of a child support order. We can help you prepare for either scenario. DCS generally and almost always is providing a service and loyalty to the parent that receives support.

Divorce and Child Support

A divorce paralegal can help you get child support set when you file for divorce by helping you prepare motions and supporting documents to get a temporary order of child support pending the outcome of your dissolution. We can help you gather the information needed, prepare your documents for divorce, as well as motions for temporary orders of child and spousal support, and a parenting plan. Divorce can be a very stressful time, but we can help you compartmentalize the separate issues and make progress on your case, doing everything we can to meet your needs. Asset and debt allocation also affects the outcome of the transfer payment. Everything including who is paying for health insurance effects the end result.

Increase Child Support

Modification of child support might be the avenue, but where to start on that avenue depends on the situation. Maybe the paying parent has increased their earnings, or the children have special needs. It may be that the income of the other party is in dispute, or they have huge assets you have become aware of. Don't guess, use our services and experience. There is a lot of factors that are considered when trying to modify your support that you may never have thought would be applicable. We can help  you turn over every rock,  gather the necessary evidence and fact to present your case in the best light possible.

Nonparent Child Support

Our Paralegal services can help nonparents get support from both parents of the child. We can prepare all the documents, and help you avoid the many mistakes and headaches of the multiple parties, serivce, proof of multiple filings and other complications involved with nonparent child support documents and procedures. Nonparents can be liable for paying birth costs too. Some parents lived together, but others have not. All of the facts that make up a case affect the outcome in a nonparent support case. Parenting plans and the amount of parenting time the non custodial parent has can significantly affect the support outcome.

Reduce Child Support

There are many reasons that you may want to lower a support obligation, this assumes of course that you already have a support order. Maybe it is due to a change of income, the economy, sickness or injury. Modification of child support is now known as changing child support. Other party remarry? Does there new spouse earn a decent income that contributes significantly to their household? Many of the same criteria necessary to strengthen a case to raise or lower support are the same. Some on the other hand are unique. Use our experience to help facilitate a fair and thorough outcome. If one of the parties has children from another relationship it can affect the amount.

Unmarried Parent Child Support

Snohomish County Paralegal Services can help and unmarried parent get a child support order from the parent obligated to provide child support. It is possible to get retroactive child support as far back as five years when the parents have never been married to each other. Educational support for college is determined somewhat like those of divorced parents but there are other deciding factors or lack of them that should be stated properly in your documents.

Reimbursement of Over Paid Child Support

Our Paralegal Services can help you get reimbursed for overpaid support. Overpaid child support is often in the form of daycare expenses that the other party has been receiving but never actually used it for daycare. Sometimes it is possible to get reimbursed when the child has been living with you and you still paid the other party support.

Contempt of Court

There is the issue of contempt of non payment of child support. With our help, you won't overlook things that are obvious to us but you don't see. Child Support Modification has been touch on briefly, but the process has many pieces that make it up the case.

If you wait to long to try and collect on certain types of back support such as medical bills the other party has not paid their share of, you may find that you cannot. Especially if you don't know how to argue the points of law that need to be made. Have us help you prepare your documents to avoid the stress and pitfalls of doing it yourself.

If you have problems with getting the custodial parent to pay their share of other costs such as uncovered health care, we can help you get credited with payments you paid their portion too. Washington family law paralegals can help you with preparing documents to collect unpaid child support by motion for order and judgment or even contempt if necessary.

Our paralegals can help you with all of your child support document needs from beginning to end. We can help with discovery, setting hearings, and preparing for mediation, arbitration, or trial.

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