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Documents prepared for child support, divorce, custody, and visitation. We do fee based or hourly rate.

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A divorce paralegal can help you prepare documents for divorce and navigate the difficult procedural processes of the courts. Agreed divorce documents can be prepared with our many years of experience to help navigate many avoidable problems down the road and make it easier to complete the work to finalize your divorce. There are many areas to address in divorce such as property, debts, child and spousal support.

If your divorce does not start out agreed, it may end in agreement and often does. But between the time that the other party is served an you come to an agreement, or have a judge decide the issues for you, it can be very stressful and confusing. Our paralegal services can help you smooth the way with document preparation and other assistance. We can help you with motions for temporary child or spousal support, use of property issues or restraining orders.

Child Support

Use our child support paralegal expertise in preparing child support documents to help navigate safely what may seem a simple set of forms. Whether the parents are married or not married directly affects how the forms are prepared or what type of supporting information needs to be provided to the court. Our child support paralegals are experienced on how daycare, college support and other issues such as health care costs are best addressed in the documents or how and where it is best located.

The transfer payment calculated in the worksheets is only part of the picture. Going it alone requires a lot of guessing, let us help take the guessing out of it for you. We can help you save a lot of steps or repeated never ending hearings because you are not familiar with the process.

Secondary child support modification for continued education must be started timely and approached properly. There are many things that must be documented and thoroughly covered during this type of child support modification.

Parenting Plans

Parenting Plan paralegals can greatly help you avoid the many pitfalls they have seen over the many cases they have worked on. The experience a parenting plan paralegal acquires working on parenting plan modifications can provide a tremendous amount of insight when preparing your documents for divorce or parentage issue of unmarried parents.

A parenting plan paralegal has a lot of experience with parenting plans from divorces they have assisted in as well as modifications of parenting plans. The experience a parenting plan paralegal gains from changing parenting plans can greatly assist you in the drafting of your first one whether it results from divorce or a parentage case. The experience allows the insight into how first parenting plans did not have forward thinking of how they may fall short.

Non parents can petition the courts for a visitation, in a sense, their own parenting plan. This is a new law that went into effect in 2018. If you are a grandparent this is a way to get visitation with your grandchildren on a regular basis. Sometimes when parties get divorced, the in law may have resentments and not allow you access to the children. Step parents have the option of petition the court for visitation when their marriage to the biological parent has ended.

Modifications of a parent plan are now referred to as changing a parenting plan, but it is still the same thing. Changing a parenting plan requires proving adequate cause, but that is not all. There is a completely different set of legal elements to prove depending on which categories of modification you fall in. It will save you time and money to utilize a parenting plan paralegal.

Bundled and unbundled services

Bundled services can include everything, paralegal saving you money on document preparation and other tasks, and an attorney that supervises the work of the paralegal, approves that work, and goes with you to court. Bundled Services may combine the work of a just an attorney or both.

Unbundled services means hiring just the paralegal, just the attorney, or a combination of both. Regardless, we want to ensure that you get the help you could not otherwise afford. We can do just the documents up for you, refer you to an attorney for full service, or anything in between.

Our documents are prepared for divorce, custody, child support, and many other types of family law cases.

Case and Trial Preparation

We also do case preparation for trials and hearings, including motion for temp orders, prehearing statement, ER 904. pretrial statements, and discovery just to name a few. Whatever your case preparation or organization that needs to be done, we can help meet those needs.

Process Serving

If you need to have documents served on somebody, we can help. Whether your needing personal service, mailed or publication, we can help you get it done. More...

Locations Serviced

Document Preparation for Sno and King County WA Edmonds Bothell Lynnwood Everett Edmonds Sammamish Lake Stevens Monroe Kenmore Mukilteo and all of Washington State. We can help you with your document needs regardless of your location as long as you have access to a phone and email.